Warehouse Labor Deployment: Just the Right People in Just the Right Places, All the Time

It’s amazing how much of labor deployment is guesswork. And most people who run business operations don’t realize how much they’re guessing until they see what it would be like to make labor deployment decisions using actual, relevant data. That’s one of the things our AgiSight platform does for our customers. Consider two common challenges […]

Plug and Play: Why the Supply Chain Industry Deserves a Turnkey Tool to Simplify Its Data

When Agillitics opened for business in 2014, we were motivated by the growing number of platforms that were spitting out data – and how complicated that was making it for the supply chain industry to deal with data. It’s on your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, your transportation management system (TMS), your warehouse management system […]

Agillitics Retools Web Site to Reflect Emergence of AgiSight

Press Contact: Tim Judge Agillitics [email protected] (678) 469-1460 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Agillitics Retools Web Site to Reflect Emergence of AgiSight, a SaaS-Based Data Analytics Platform Turnkey Solution AgiSight Helps Supply Chain Companies Better Manage, Understand and Deploy Their Data ATLANTA, March 20, 2023 – Agillitics, an industry-leading firm helping the supply chain industry get more […]