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Services for Entire Analytics Journey

Services for Entire Analytics Journey

What Does Your business need ?

Data Expert

We need a quick answer, can we send you data from a database for analysis?

  • Where should we put our new DC?
  • How big should it be
  • How long can we stay in the current facility?
  • How do we improve picking accuracy?
  • How many picking locations do we need and what SKUs do we put there?

Data Partner

I need a trusted data expert to help me build processes and solutions.

  • How can I better use the data being collected across many systems?
  • Why is my team spending so much time in excel?
  • How can I trust our reports or how we are operating?
  • Why are high-value employees working on low-value tasks?
  • Why are we not getting a return on our supply chain software investments?

Data Scientist Rental

My team needs some temporary data expertise.

  • My team needs to learn how to build a model in our network design tool.
  • We have a huge bottleneck of reports that our analytics team is struggling to complete.
  • We are not sure why our reports don’t match.
  • Do we have the right software and data architecture for best in class analytics?

Our Client's Journey with Agillitics

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Leif Revere

Director, Distribution Systems Genesco (Journeys & J&M)

Agilitics engaged with us 3 years ago and helped us migrate from bland .CSV reports to a powerful, graphical BI tool that WOWs our customers and helps them make data-driven decisions.

Dan Jennings

Director Operations Logistics Technology at Republic National Distributing Company

Partnering with Agillitics has allowed us to make much better use of our BI tools to achieve significant operational efficiencies across our distribution network while improving employee engagement

Need Help?

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