Providing the life ring for supply chain companies drowning in the volume and complexity of data.

AgiSight Supply Chain
Data Analytics Platform

The AgiSight platform provides advanced analytics capabilities, allowing companies to quickly and easily analyze their supply chain data to identify trends, opportunities, and risks. The platform’s intuitive visualizations and dashboards provide actionable insights that support informed decision-making, helping companies optimize their supply chains and improve performance.

Customer Supply Chain Data Challenges

With our help, you can stop spending time and money managing data and make great decisions for your business.

Data in Access & Excel

Is your critical supply chain data stored in Excel or Access? This is wasting valuable time and is not scalable.
AgiSight utilizes a consolidated, unified data model, so you can finally stop using desktop tools as a reporting solution.
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Data is Growing

Is your data massive and continuing to grow? Do you get the true value out of all your data?
Agisight provides an easily scalable solution to grow with your data and analytics needs.
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Data is Old

Are you forced to make decisions on data that is hours or days old?
Agisight ensures your data is always up to date and ready to act on.
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Data is Everywhere

Do you waste time merging silo’d data from multiple places in order to make decision?
AgiSight provides a single version of the truth, so you can be confident that all teams are leveraging consistent data and making great decisions.
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Data is Inconsistent

Are your data and reporting telling different stories across your operations? Do you have one version of the truth through your supply chain?
Are your data and reporting telling different stories across your operations? Do you have one version of the truth across your supply chain?
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Latest Insights at Agillitics

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

Our Client's Journey With Agillitics

Agilitics engaged with us 3 years ago and helped us migrate from bland .CSV reports to a powerful, graphical BI tool that WOWs our customers and helps them make data-driven decisions.

Leif Revere
Director, Distribution Systems Genesco (Journeys & J&M)

Partnering with Agillitics has allowed us to make much better use of our BI tools to achieve significant operational efficiencies across our distribution network while improving employee engagement

Dan Jennings
Director Operations Logistics Technology at Republic National Distributing Company