In our last post, we focused on common myths about Business Intelligence (BI) implementations in the supply chain ( Today we will take a look at why bringing supply chain data into your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is so critical and allow you to create a competitive advantage for your organization.

Quick Background

Most companies have a system of record (or ERP) that contains valuable information to run their business (e.g. financial, human resource, master data). Furthermore, most companies have an EDW that stores this data for long periods to provide the business with access to critical reports when they need them.

Why Should Companies Care?

If more companies were able to combine their ERP data with crucial transactional data from systems they are already implementing today such as CRM, SRM, and supply chain execution systems (WMS, LMS, TMS, OMS/DOM), they would enable comprehensive reporting across the organization and uncover valuable insights to drive supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

One Version of the Truth

Combining ERP data with SCM data in a central place allows companies to measure various corporate and operational KPI metrics that link financial data to labor, freight, inventory, and order progress at a granular level. Having one view of the truth ensures alignment vertically and horizontally across the organization as well as with all external stakeholders. As an added bonus, you also save tons of money and time on unnecessary duplicate development efforts, confusion among departments, and accidentally negatively impacting your production system with risky reporting practices.

Driving Operational Excellence

Significant cost, profitability, customer service, and cycle metrics can be tracked and measured with the full access to historical and current supply chain data in one central repository. For instance, companies have found that they can now measure cost and profitability metrics across the full order lifecycle, inventory, freight, purchasing, labor performance, supplier, and customer channels. Furthermore, they can understand how they are performing compared to historical performance, their goals, and industry benchmarks. You literally have all the data you need at your fingertips when you need it.

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