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Supply Chain Data Foundation

If you are experiencing these common symptoms, your focus may be best directed at creating a solid supply chain data foundation.

Data foundation cube; Agillitics


  • We have disparate and messy data
  • Each department has its own view of the data
  • We don’t know how our decisions affect the financials of other departments
  • Our suppliers/vendors/carriers have a history of late shipments
  • We are trying to measure too many things


Before embarking on a business intelligence, big data, or analytics project, companies must ensure they have the right strategy in place. The process starts with the business strategy and ensuring metrics, KPIs, and benchmarks are in alignment with this strategy. The IT and data strategy must also align with the business strategy. This confirms right processes, tools, and infrastructure are in place to meet the business goals.

Agillitics Can Help With:

  • Enterprise Data & Analytics Strategy
  • KPI & Metrics Strategy & Benchmarking
  • Supply Chain Analysis
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Companies often struggle with data that is not clean, may be incomplete, and comes from disparate systems. Once companies have defined the right supply chain data & analytics strategy, the next step is ensuring the right tools are selected to successfully execute the strategy. This may include a data warehouse, an operational data store, and/or reporting, visualization, and data integration tools. Often this can simply be better leveraging the tools you already own!

Agillitics Can Help With:

  • Data Warehouse & Analytics Platform
  • Reporting & Visualization Tools
  • Operational Data Store
  • Data Integration Tools
  • Data Cleansing & Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Solutions: Cognos, Tableau, Qlik, SSRS, MicroStrategy, etc.

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