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Prescriptive Action

If you are experiencing the common symptoms listed below, your focus may be best directed in validating your strategy and creating a plan based on quantifiable data. Because there is so much rich data out there today, it is a waste not to put it to use when making strategic decisions that impact your supply chain design. A little careful planning upfront can save you a lot of time and headache down the road.


  • You have recently experienced growth, and it has been a long time since you have analyzed your supply chain network
  • Considering how a potential or recent merger or acquisition will impact your network: transportation, inventory, & fulfillment costs
  • Looking to open a new distribution center but are unsure where it should be to minimize costs while meeting service levels
  • Looking to consolidate or open a new DC but could use help understanding the optimal size, racking, and slotting configurations to accommodate growth
  • Looking to automate your S&OP process that is currently being executed via spreadsheets

Agillitics Can Help With:

  • Supply Chain Network design and analysis using best in class optimization solutions
  • Distribution Center Design & Material Flow Analysis
  • S&OP Process Design and Automation
  • Capital Planning, Flex Budgeting, EVA Analysis
  • Supply Chain KPI Definition & Analysis based on Business Strategy

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