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Customers have different needs and requests and Agillitics has built a portfolio offering that allows our customers to choose where they start and how fast they accelerate. Customers can opt for short term engagements to develop key metrics in the warehouse to long term programs to build out a data analytics architecture and integration and everything in-between.


Need a quick assessment on your current analytics maturity, where the gaps are, and the best place to start? Whether you are looking more efficiently and effectively to use your data for better strategic, operational/planning, or execution level decisions, Agillitics will create a customized roadmap that is right for you. We have streamlined this process so we can quickly provide you with the right approach to uncover the most value in the shortest possible time.


At Agillitics, we strive to demystify supply chain solutions, especially surrounding concepts such as supply chain visibility, analytics, digital twins, control towers, and machine learning and AI.

F.A.S.T. is the bite small, chew fast method for supply chain visibility, performance, and cost. Interactive dashboards now span all time horizons and decision windows. Areas include Strategic Network Design, S&OP, Total Cost to Serve, and Real-Time Execution. Enabling one single environment to monitor and manage all decisions across the supply chain from strategic to tactical to operational.
Whether you are looking for better real-time visibility to your workforce performance in your DC or total landed cost across your supply chain, Agillitics can provide you with a repeatable and scalable solution.

The Flexible Analytics Solution Tower (F.A.S.T.) is a great step towards best in class supply chain analytics for most organizations. It ensures quick time to value and measurable ROI which F.A.S.T. can implement in 30 days. These are only a few of the benefits it provides:

  • Clean, current, and harmonized data via a Unified Digital Supply Chain Model
  • Supply chain performance visibility and KPIs across functions and time
  • Drives savings across functions and departments (transportation & logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, procurement, and merchandising)
  • Measurable ROI targets leading to increased revenue, improved margins, strengthened risk management, and heightened asset efficiency

In the interest of moving FAST, we have created a real-time interactive sandbox for you to see an example in action.


You may have analytics solutions in place already that work for you, but struggle to juggle maintaining these solutions while juggling other priorities. Whether you have fallen behind supplying the required analytical or reporting updates to the business or could use a partner to supply you with additional hands or timely insights on a schedule, Agillitics has you covered.

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