ATLANTA, GA. (PRWEB), Mar 8 2020 – Agillitics, a premier provider of digital supply chain services, announced today that it has named Reed Stepleman as its VP of Solution Design effective March 8th, 2021.  Stepleman will bring his 23 years of supply chain solution and design expertise to help Agillitics fundamentally change the way supply chain data is used to make timely, accurate, and crucial business decisions.

“I am truly humbled and excited that Reed has decided to bring his passion for Supply Chain to Agillitics.  Reed and I worked together for years at Manhattan Associates and he has truly been a mentor to me and so many in the supply chain world,” says Agillitics’ President & CEO, Tim Judge.  “Having Reed as part of our leadership team will be a true gamechanger in our expansion and growth plans for 2021 and beyond.  Reed’s experience, creative thinking, and passion for everything he does will allow us to deliver continued exceptional value for our customers.”

“Today I am thrilled to join a great small business in their pursuit of expanding their presence in the Supply Chain Data Analytics Market.   I am very honored to join Agillitics ( as their VP of Solution Design.  Agillitics is an amazing team of data scientists headquartered in Atlanta, GA.   They help companies think bigger, work smarter, and learn faster with data.   Through my 23 years in Supply Chain I have consistently found companies implement large scale systems, generate a tremendous amount of data but have no plan what to do with the data except store it in a data structure (data lake, archive, etc).  The answers to so many Supply Chain questions are rooted in that data.  I look forward to bringing my Supply Chain expertise and guidance to great companies over the future years.”

About Reed Stepleman

Reed Stepleman has spent over 23 years dedicated to the Supply Chain Industry.   Prior to joining Agillitics, Reed spent the last two years at Deloitte, LLP as a Specialist Leader in the Supply Chain and Network Operations Group working with a Life Sciences company transforming its end-to-end Supply Chain.    Previous to Deloitte, Reed spent nearly 20 years at Manhattan Associates as a Design Architect enabling Supply Chain Transformations for Tier 1 companies utilizing the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management, Labor Management and Supply Chain Intelligence software.   Reed has expertise in multiple verticals including Retail, Apparel & Footware, E-Commerce and Life Sciences.

About Agillitics

Agillitics is a supply chain analytics consulting and technology firm based in Atlanta, GA. Through business intelligence, analytics, and optimization, Agillitics empowers companies to make prescriptive and proactive data-driven decisions to improve operational performance, enable innovation and drive competitive advantage across industry verticals.  Agillitics enables organizations to unlock the value in their data by providing different leading practices and mechanisms to view data (Dashboards, Control Towers, Predictive Capabilities).   This can be a single system or integrate data generated through multiple systems (ERP/WMS, WMS/MHE, ERP/TMS/WMS).