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Advanced Prediction

If you are experiencing these common symptoms, your focus may be best directed beginning to take advantage of Supply Chain Analytics. Even if you are not ready to run Supply Chain Analytics internally (i.e. you still need to set up the foundation), Agillitics can help conduct the analysis for you using our data science skills and tools.


  • We are opening a DC but need to know where it needs to be and how to slot it
  • We are frequently taking inventory write-offs because our forecasts are off
  • We need a better understanding of how we are performing over time and what levers we should be pulling
  • We need to understand what items should be stored, shipped, and sold together
  • If we could run a model before implementing it, we can ensure we are making the right decision

Agillitics Can Help With:

  • Big Data & Analytics Tools
  • Reporting & Visualization Tools
  • Data Cleansing & Quality Management
  • Optimization Tools Selection & Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Solutions: Cognos, Tableau, Qlik, SSRS, MicroStrategy, LLamasoft, Power BI

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