5 Reasons BI is Critical to Successful Supply Chain Projects

Over the past 10 years, we have received questions from various companies across industries about why Business Intelligence (BI) can make or break large, complex supply chain implementations (e.g. including ERP, CRM, SRM, and best of breed execution systems such as WMS, TMS, and LMS). We have listed our most common answers below.

  1. Better visibility to make operational decisions

This may seem obvious to most people. However, business intelligence which includes tactical operational reporting, dashboards, and alerts also should include bringing your execution data into an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) in a timely manner so that it can be incorporated into overall meaningful KPIs. When bringing on new systems and/or upgrading existing systems in your network, often the required visibility for the business to make decisions in real-time is lost at one of these levels. Spending the time upfront to (1) outline your overall data strategy; (2) identify the system(s) that will be used to collect, clean, and integrate the necessary data; (3) ensure your data strategy is aligned with the operational strategy (what information is needed and when to make decisions); can ultimately ensure the business can make data driven decisions, boost moral, and ensure that you are performing at your best.

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Genuine Parts Company Selects Agillitics as Strategic Partner

Genuine Parts Company Selects Agillitics as Strategic Partner

Atlanta – February 4, 2015 – Today Agillitics, LLC, announced that Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC), one of Atlanta’s largest publicly traded companies, has partnered with Agillitics to develop and support GPC’s supply chain business intelligence and data analytics initiatives.

Agillitics will develop capabilities and tools that leverage data to enable and optimize operations as well as improve visibility across the company’s supply chain. The work will span GPC’s warehouse management, labor management, slotting, and inventory optimization systems, and it will be implemented by multiple subsidiaries.

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